Thursday, October 18, 2018

CU2.0 Podcast - Episode 7 - Vasilios Roussos, DCU Fintech Innovation Center

Welcome to the CU2.0 Podcast with your host Robert McGarvey. In every episode we probe the massive digital transformation that now is remaking the nation’s credit unions and today’s guest is Vasilios Roussos, executive director of the DCU Fintech Innovation Center in Boston.

The what?  You're right: this is a major departure for a credit union and in this podcast you'll find out why DCU launched a fintech incubator, how this is very cool for the industry and what other credit unions can do to achieve similar outcomes.

How can credit unions level the technology playing field with mega banks and giant fintechs? DCU may well be showing the way in Boston.

One more thing: tune into the last bit of this podcast to learn about special sponsorship opportunities.  You’ll want to hear about this.

Find out more about CU2.0 here.

Hear the Podcast here.

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