Thursday, January 17, 2019

CU2.0 Podcast Episode 18 Al Pascual on Biometrics

Quick now, how long have passwords been around?

How many credit union members want never to use one again?

What are the three must have biometrics modalities?

When will biometrics effectively supplant passwords in financial services?

Flashback time: when did Apple introduce Touch ID, a tool that thrust biometrics into everyday use for tens of millions of consumers?

Consider the above your pop quiz. How did you score?

Al Pascual, a researcher with Javelin, who recently co-authored a report on biometrics and financial services, knows the answers to these questions and he tells all in this CU2.0 podcast.

It moves fast, you'll want to hear it.

A sliver of good/bad news: it's the biggest financial institutions that are carrying the weight of persuading regulators about the efficacy of biometrics  and that just may be a blessing for smaller institutions - credit unions included - who can follow behind.

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