Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Cooperator Podcast 1 - Cabot's Roberta MacDonald

Buckle up for a fast journey into the world of cooperatives with branding guru Roberta MacDonald who will tell you why she is optimistic about a world where cooperatives are delivering local - relevant - solutions created by people for people. She relates how she helped build Cabot into a major cheese brand by using cooperative connections. Be prepared to listen again and again to this podcast because this is a podcast with a lot of rich content. Along the way you'll even learn how Cabot got its name - and how many cooperatives there are in the U.S.  Do you know? Take your best guess and listen up to get the answer.

Wait, no credit union content? Actually there is because of course credit unions are cooperatives too, and Roberta relates some of her experiences with credit unions in this interview.

Here's the podcast. Enjoy.

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