Thursday, January 31, 2019

CU2.0 Podcast Episode 20 Up in Smoke, Credit Unions and Cannabis, Part 2

Welcome to Up in Smoke, Part 2 - more formally, Credit Unions and Cannabis, Part 2.

In last week's episode, we heard from lawyers, a lobbyist and two credit union consultants in a no holds barred exploration of the potential, and pitfalls, of cannabis accounts in credit unions. Catch up with that podcast here.

This week we are digging deeper in a pair of interviews. One is with Judy Britt Cavanaugh, VP of Compliance with the Connecticut Credit Union which is actively attempting to educate its members about the realities of cannabis and credit unions.  The Connecticut League also is working with Green Check Verified - which talks at length in Part 1 - to establish safe, compliant procedures for handing marijuana accounts.

Also in this podcast is Katrina Skinner, interim president of Safe  Harbor Services, a CUSO set up by Sundie Seefried.  It also is working to provide credit unions with the tools needed to stay compliant when servicing marijuana businesses.

Listen here.

Marijuana business just may be the answer for some credit unions.

But it could also be the ruin of some.

That's why you need to listen to the podcasts.

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